Need reward?

All hikers who have taken the 29 km under the sole successful, beckons an attractive certificate with hiking pin as a reward.
At five stations along the way to Active devalue a specially created punch card. Those who have hiked all the stations get the citizen's office or by mail with his certificate Wandernadel.
Station 1The punch card is at the Town Hall and on the information board at the start point of the path available.

Good luck.


Special sites along the way

The Locomotive Memorial

The Locomotive Memorial 044The 1941 original 044-construction series freight train steam engine in the village centre is the starting and finishing point of the rambling tour. There can hardly be a better starting point for a walk on the Viaduct rambling route!

The locomotive was positioned here in the year 1977. Since 2005 at night, the 'grand old lady' may be admired as a piece of illuminated art.

The Viewing Platform

The Viewing PlatformThe platform above Altenbeken provides a fantastic panoramic view onto the grand Railway Viaduct.

Experience (and take a photo) when state-of- the-art passenger and freight trains or possibly even historic steam engines trail slowly across the mighty viaduct in front of the entrance to the station at Altenbeken.

The Sommerberg Panorama View

SommerbergThe walk continues up the Sommerberg, where a tremendous view onto the entrance of the 1,640m long Rehberg tunnel, which was completed in 1864, compensates the walker for the incline.

Enjoy the fantastic panorama, observe nature in its purest state and experience closely the railway history of Altenbeken.

The 'Driburger Grund'

Driburger Grund After approximately 7kms you arrive at the leisure park 'Driburger Grund', which comprises a children's adventure playground, a rustic blockhouse and a grilled barbeque facility.

Numerous fresh water springs invite you to quench your thirst along the route. Enjoy a picnic in the picturesque forest setting around the Max and Moritz spring in the 'Driburger Grund'.

The 'Mariengrotte' at Buke

MariengrotteAfter about 16 kms via an idyllic path between the village well and its arrangement of scooping rods at the 'Wiesenweg' and the 'Ancient Dionysus Church' excavation site in the historic centre of the village of Buke, the rambler arrives at a true treasure: the 'Mariengrotte' at Eichborn.

A great number of volunteers have cleared the Eichborn ravine and reactivated the old water hole.

The Small Viaduct

The Small ViaductFollowing a walk through the wooded Dune valley, you will find the small brother of the Altenbeken Viaduct, the 'Small Viaduct', which - in a not less spectacular fashion -spans across the Dune valley.

Crossing the railway line through an approximately 200m long tunnel can be a bit spooky!

The Durbeke Valley

The Durbeke ValleyThe walkway leads you through the Beke valley and passed the Durbeke Forest Lodge (a detour to the lodge and the insect hotel is well worth while); this path opens one of the most beautiful landscapes of the Egge- North nature protection area.

A visit to the forest classroom of the Regional Hochstift Forestry Office is highly recommended.
The Durbeke only carries water after the snow has melted or after very heavy rainfalls.

The Three Linden

The Three LindenThe forest reserve Egge-North reaches from the Durbeke to the Egge Ridge and is of European importance for the protection of species and habitats.

Impressive scenery compensates for the last incline up to the three Linden. Enjoy a rest before the descend takes you past the platform and back to the starting point of your rambling tour.